History of The Highway

"The Highway"- Youth Conference was arranged first time in 2003 with a following purpose behind: "We should prepare a highway for the Lord, especially made of young people ( Isa.40: 3- 5 )!" Since then have approximately 250- 500 young people from all over northern part of Europe gathered together in Rovaniemi,  hoping to see a young army of God raising up and serving God with new passion, holiness and obedience!

We have gone through a process with arranging this conference each year going deeper in knowing Jesus. We rejoice over those many young people that have wanted to take part in this process by surrendering themselves to God in a deeper level than before. The first year of the conference we focused on who God is, the second year we wanted to have less of ourselves and more of God in our lives. The third year we wanted to become more public with our faith by going out on the streets and arranging an outreach to North of Russia to for those interested. We were excited about those 34 young people who sacrificed part of their Christmas vacation to go out on missions!

The purpose of The Highway-conference is to inspire and equip, encourage and send out. There are many pastors and leaders from the north who are also part of this purpose of the conference by doing their part in equipping the young generation. We challenge everybody to join this project:

Let's prepare a highway for the Lord, for His glory!